This special bundle deal includes 2 LIFEMEL jars.

LIFEMEL supports and improves the quality of life of Chemotherapy treatment patients, improving the blood count of cancer patients during chemotherapy treatments, as well as improving the general feeling during the treatment period.

LIFEMEL is a medicinal hive product and has the therapeutic properties of herbs that the bees have been fed with. The bees feed on a solution of selected plants, which is injected directly into the hive.

The LIFEMEL is naturally ready once the honeycomb is sealed - No extra ingredients or chemicals are involved within the process.

The pure natural honey is then filtered and ready, without any addition of components, and without human hand contact


What Should you expect by using LIFEMEL:

  • Increase blood cells (Red & White)
  • Improve blood platelet count
  • Increases hemoglobin level
  • Improve immune system
  • Significantly Vitality improve
  • Significantly Improve overall feeling


Lifemel is a unique product, produced by bees that were feed in a supervised and unique way from an exclusive formula of plant compositions.
LifeMel supports cancer patients treated with chemotherapy and radiation.
LifeMel significantly alleviates the side effects of chemotherapy treatments, and improves patients' quality of life, by relieving the symptoms that accompany the treatments.


In a study published in the prestigious medical oncology magazine, LIFEMEL was found to be effective and safe to use.

Anemia natural treatment & CHEMO SUPPORT HONEY | 2 Pack LIFEMEL

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  • “The unique extract of plants on which the bees feed includes bioactive ingredients such as iron, vitamins, and proteins that improve your immune system”

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