Gluco-Treat Forte - A herbal formula that helps balance blood sugar, improves pancreas function and improves metabolism.

Herbs have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years as an effective means of treating diabetes. More than 700 plants grown in different countries are recommended for the treatment of diabetes or symptoms related to the disease.
The herbs used to treat diabetes by traditional medical methods have several mechanisms for reducing the symptoms:
  • Delay in the absorption of glucose from the digestive system to the blood.
  • Absorption of glucose from the kidneys.
  • Stimulating production and secretion of insulin in the pancreas.
  • Increased insulin binding to the receptors on cell membranes.
  • Delay of gluconeogenesis in the liver.
  • Gluco-Treat, a homeopathic formula that has been known for many years, helps regulate the rate at which blood sugar enters the bloodstream and prevents hyperglycemia, while trying to restore pancreatic cells.
Gluco-Treat Forte has many advantages: