Stress situations are an inseparable part of everyday life in modern society.

From the day he was born, a man has to deal with the person standing before him and demonstrating control. Mental growth of man depends on the person's sense that he is in control of his world, and that he is capable of facing possible external threats.


On the other hand, when the events taking place are perceived as uncontrollable, one may feel anxious, a sense of helplessness and chronic stress.


While we can not eliminate all the events that cause the over-activity of our nervous system, We can deal with them better with a balanced diet and supplements that can balance the work of

nervous system and prevent damage to the body. 

Herbs provide an optimal response to situations of stress and there is no danger of addiction.

Homeotreat Lab presents a unique formula, the natural soothing relaxant. RELAX, based on herbs that have been known for many years, helps regulate nervous system activity.

Special combination of herbs

Increased dose of seripidium and vascular

Suitable for both day and night

Not addictive


The ingredients of Relax and their effects


Advantages of RELAX:

RELAX has a highly effective effect on a variety of conditions characterized by hyperactivity of the nervous system:

• Helps chronic daily stress

• Effective for physical and mental exhaustion

• Treat situations of mental incapacity to function

• Suitable for treating insomnia and poor sleep quality

• Reduces fears and anxieties

• Effective in reducing anxiety and irritability.


Homeopathy Ref - RELAX is a natural dietary supplement that is synergistic-ally combined with five herbs.

This mixture provides an optimal response to emotional and mental balance, a natural alternative to stress management to improve sleep quality and duration of sleep and without side effects. In addition, with the help of these herbs can help to treat a variety of health problems caused by over-activity of the nervous system, such as:


Digestive disorders, high blood pressure, headaches, hormonal disorders that are accompanied by excessive nervousness, etc.

RELAX-treating insomnia, poor sleep quality & Stress

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  • Cypripedium Parviflorum

    A plant belonging to the orchids. Its effect is similar to that of a Valerian medicinal plant, so it is also called "Valerian American".

    Sipridium contains various phenolic compounds, gallic acid, phytochemical and cypripedone as well as a variety of minerals that are important for the proper functioning of the nervous system: calcium, magnesium, zinc and silicon.

    In herbal medicine it is known as a general soothing, strengthens / nourishes the nervous system, elevated, analgesic and anti-anxiety.

    The plant is effective in insomnia, depression and restlessness. Can help treat headaches, abdominal pain, muscle cramps as a result of prolonged stress, palpitations and nervousness resulting from hormonal imbalance such as menopausal hot flashes and premenstrual syndrome (PMS).


    Scotellaria / Barbata

    The Scutellaria plant is widely used in Chinese medicine and it contains a variety of active ingredients such as flavonoids (scotalarin), glycosides and tannins. A combination of these phytochemicals in the plant helps balance the activity of the nervous system, so scotalaria is considered a soothing plant.

    In addition, the scotalaria is known to strengthen the nervous system in any condition that worsens in response to stress.

    This herb is commonly used to treat symptoms of restlessness, anxiety, irritability, and relief of headaches and migraines.


    Passiflora Incarnata

    Passionflower is a climber and fragrant plant with soothing properties and looks.

    Most of the active ingredients in this plant are alkaloids (Passifloryin, Hermelin, Harmalol) and flavonoids (Vitexin, epigenine quercetin, etc.). 

    Thanks to these ingredients, passionflower has a sedative effect (relaxing) relieves fears, relieves pain, and defies contractions. 

    This plant is suitable for situations of hysteria anxiety, restlessness and nervousness. It has also a special affinity for insomnia caused by over-activity of the nervous system.


    Humulus Lupulus

    The most active constituents in the fungus are volatile oils like Humulene and Lupulone.

    In addition, the plant is rich in vitamin B complex and a variety of minerals such as magnesium, zinc and iron.

    The plant is most effective for situations of restlessness accompanied by stress, worry, irritability and sleep difficulties.

    Thanks to a calming activity that contrasts with the contractions of the hops on the muscles of the intestinal walls, it is also used to treat digestive problems caused by vigorous activity of the nervous system (dyspepsia and IBS).


    Hawthorn Crataegus Monogyna

    It is considered to be "a source of fears and anxieties from the heart." 

    The Hawthorn is known as a plant that keeps the heart healthy and improves its activity, therefore it is customary to use it as part of the treatment of pathological diseases and conditions which are caused by stress, and require support for heart activity, such as physical or mental stress, high blood pressure dizziness, asthma and headaches. 

    In his moderate ways, the Hawthorn plant brings some relief in situations of anxiety insomnia and good general feeling.