Super Cranberry helps treat and prevent urinary tract infections



  • Super Cranberry is an effective solution for urinary tract infections.
  • This Super Cranberry is an innovative and extremely powerful formula.
  • This Super Cranberry contains a particularly high concentration of cranberry extract.
  • This Super Cranberry is a unique formula with a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.


Urinary tract infections
Inflammation of the urinary tract and especially inflammation of the bladder lining (cystitis) are common infections. Urinary tract infection occurs when bacteria find their way into the sterile urinary system. It is mainly women who have urinary tract infections because of the proximity of the urinary tract to the anus, which allows for easy passage to the bacteria.
The causes of urinary tract infection are many and varied, including poor hygiene, using catheter, nerve damage, sexual contact, etc.
Symptoms of urinary tract infections
Urinary incontinence, frequent urinary incontinence, small amounts of urine, constant urinary incontinence, heat and pain, foul smelling urine. Sometimes cramping occurs in the abdomen or lower back. The symptoms of inflammation cause discomfort and discomfort, and in most cases antibiotic treatment is given. Antibiotic treatment kills bacteria that cause inflammation, but leaves the bladder lining vulnerable to further invasion of bacteria and also harms the body's natural immune system. As a result, many of the patients suffer from recurring bladder infections and have a great deal of difficulty getting rid of the infections for good.
Natural treatment for urinary tract infections
The effective treatment of urinary tract infection and urinary bladder infection is based on a combination of ingredients to strengthen the mucosa and strengthen the immune system, as well as to prevent the bacteria from clinging to the bladder lining and causing infection.
Homotreat Lab has created this Super-Cranberry Formula for effective treatment of urinary tract infections and infections, with a focus on a unique combination of ingredients for the treatment of inflammation, prevention of infection and the alleviation of inflammatory symptoms.

Urinary Tract Infection Treatment | Super cranberry

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  • 100 mg cranberry standard extract (cranberry ext 90%)
    60 mg Vitamin C

    60 mg MSM
    20 mg Turmeric standard extract (Curcuma Longa Ext 95%)

    1 billion lactobacillus acidophilus

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