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Get rid of your Psoriasis now!

An all-natural Dead-Sea Minerals, for Psoriasis and other skin irritations.

PSO CREAM - for your Skin Healing!

Natural - Proven - DeadSea - Aromatherapy

For both Professional ans home use

Key Product Highlights

1. Contains only Proven, Effective and Fast results ingredients


2. Powerful High-Quality Dead Sea Minerals


3. Natural Aromatherapy Essentials Ingredients


4. A reach unique formula with Herbs extracts

5. Contains powerful Natural Dead Sea Minerals & Essentials

6. 100% Organic and Never tested on Animals

7.  More than 15 Years of experience

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Key product
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Ultimate Psoriasis Aromatherapy
Natural Treatment

 This special and unique powerful Psoriasis Cream uses double herbal extracts, Dead-Sea Minerals, and Essentials ingredients which contain known & Proven ingredients for treating skin irritations.
This Ultimate PSO Cream is best for treating psoriasis and other skin irritations, as well as, renewing the skin!

Easy to Use

Generously apply the PSO Cream on clean, affected areas. You can repeat it 1-3 times a day.

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Aromatherapy Cream to relieve irritated and inflamed skin
Hypoallergenic Natural Anti Psoriasis Cream

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Dead Sea Psoriasis Treatment

A unique cream with natural ingredients based on plant extracts, pure propolis, honey, essential oils and Dead Sea minerals.

A uniquely effective formula to use in cases of psoriasis, dry and irritated skin.

Treats Psoriasis And Eczema, Calms­ Irritation & Nourishes Skin.

Gives the skin a healthy glowing appearance, soft touch, and a vitality look. 

Very effective with characteristic symptoms of psoriasis

Provides deep skincare, gentle but thorough.

Hypoallergenic Natural Anti Psoriasis Cream


Before and After images

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Dead Sea Psoriasis Treatment

The Dead Sea Is Coming To You


Customer Reviews

Happy Man
5 stars feedback no background.png

Fast Results

"Years of suffering from problematic, dry, red, and unpleasant to the touch skin. I heard a lot about Dead Sea products but only this time I bought it. Amazing! Fast results and my skin looks almost like new. I continue to use this kit and I highly recommend it. I give it 5 stars for sure!".
Adam Geller, CA, USA

Young Woman
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Excelent Product

"Until about six months ago, I was ashamed to go out with boys. My skin was not pleasant to the touch at all and it was very embarrassing for me. This kit completely changed my life. After only a few months, my skin condition has greatly improved and today I have a boyfriend. I chose to share my story so that you all understand that it is possible to treat skin that suffers from psoriasis".

Dorin Levi, Israel

Professional Woman

I got my skin back!!

"When I was young, I suffered from dry and itchy skin, but it was reasonable. Over the years the problem got worse and caused me to have bad moods. Today I got my skin back, but as if I had never had any problem with the skin. I am really pleased and recommend the kit. The results for me were pretty quick."
Rachel Kyle, Ohio, USA

5 stars feedback no background.png
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When Nature Meets Science

When nature meets science: with the vast experience we have gained over the last 15 years, in developing products designed to treat many types of diseases and lesions of the skin, combining researches of Dead sea Minerals, essentials oils, herbs extract and other Aromatherapy effective ingredients.

We have been able to develop exclusive formulas to help people protecting and healing their skin, all over the body.

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Dead Sea Psoriasis Treatment Cream


2XDead Sea Psoriasis Treatment Cream


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About US

The PSO CREAM is manufactured by Aroma-Medic (Since 2005) - An Israeli company specialized in developing natural & effective Aromatherapy products providing a wide range of natural essentials solutions to improve the quality of life. Both research and development, as well as production and packaging, are made by Aroma-Medic, in Israel.

Aroma-Medic is a well-known company manufacturing very effective products for both professionals and home-use products.

The company places great emphasis on the quality of the products and their development processes. These processes are of great importance and therefore many resources are invested in thorough research and the quality of the raw materials.
The manufacturing and packaging processes are carried out under the GMP & ISO certification and upon the supervision of the Israeli Ministry of Health.

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All our products are shipped from Israel.

Handling time may take up to 2 business days. Shipping may usually take up to 10 working days.
Shipping to the Far East, Africa and South America may take 20 days.

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