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Kosher Prenatal Vitamin | Seakura
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A Unique Formula produced from organically-grown Ulva seaweed, Containing:

  • Organic Ulva seaweed with Iodine

  • Vitamin D 

  • Easily absorbed bis-glycinate Iron

  • Folic acid (Methyl folate)

Kosher Prenatal Vitamin | Seakura
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"The main concern is that iodine deficiency, even a moderate deficiency, will lead to a lower IQ of the newborn," Dr. Elizabeth Pierce.

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The only Nutritional Supplements that really follow exactly the Ministries of Health recommendations all around the world

Vitamin D.


Folic Acid


The Benefits of Iodine

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It is recommended to consume iodine at least a month before the woman plans to conceive, during the entire pregnancy, and throughout the breastfeeding period.

A necessary component in the regulation of thyroid function, and in pregnancy

Plays a critical role in the brain development of the fetus and the formation of its nerves.

During the first months of pregnancy, the mother provides the fetus with the hormones he needs, so the mother's gland's activity increases by 50%. Even when the fetus begins to develop its own gland, he needs iodine which he can get only from his mother.

Iodine deficiency is the leading cause of developmental delay in children

Iodine deficiency is associated with premature births and infant mortality.

The Benefits of Folic Acid (Folate)

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Folic acid has a direct effect on the normal development of the fetus:

Many studies show a linkage between a mother's folic acid deficiency and poor fetal development.

The research evidence regarding the importance of consuming folate has led to clear guidelines from health ministries recommending every woman during the fertile period and planning a pregnancy, and also during pregnancy, to consume the dietary supplement on a daily basis.

About 30% of the population suffers from an enzymatic deficiency in the absorption of folic acid in a woman's body, whereas folate, (The Folic acid in Green Joy) which has the same characteristics, is absorbed in any situation (while folic acid is not necessarily).

The Benefits of Vitamin D

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An important and even necessary nutritional supplement to the baby's development. It maintains normal levels of calcium and phosphorus in the blood and regulates the absorption of calcium in the bone.

Deficiency in this vitamin impairs the quality of the bone and increases the risk of fractures. Significant deficiency causes bone softening in children, whereas prevention of such deficiency encourages bone building.

Essential for the balance of minerals in the body, for blood clotting, for the activity of the heart and nervous system, and for maintaining insulin levels in the blood.

Normal vitamin D. levels help prevent coronary heart disease and illness.

The Benefits of Iron

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Helps reduce the risk of communication disorders such as autism, ADHD, and the baby's mental limitations.

Iron deficiency anemia is a fairly common condition in pregnancy. Iron is a mineral whose presence is essential in the bloodstream.

Iron deficiency anemia in the first weeks of pregnancy increases the risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and mental and developmental disabilities (ID) in the baby.
(This emerges from the results of a study published in the medical journal JAMA Psychiatry).


  • Nutritional ingredient for longevity

  • Grows is a clean and organic environment

  • Has extremely high nutritional values

  • Rich in protein

  • Rich in iodine

  • Rich in dietary fiber

  • Contains antioxidants

  • Improves iron absorption

  • Assists in liver cleaning processes

  • Breakthrough Israeli technology

  • One of the cleanest seaweed

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This leading Kosher Nutritional Organic Supplement is produced with the best ingredients and is Manufactured under the most stringent conditions that guarantee uncompromising quality

Seakura | Green Joy | Kosher Prenatal Vitamin

Contains Iodine, Vitamin-D, Folic acid (Folac) & Iron

Iodine is manufactured from Organic Ulva seaweed