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We know that women are forced to change their plans because of a phenomenon called PMS - PMS.

We also know of the stigma that accompanies this phenomenon.

PMS is very annoying because of the monthly symptoms we suffer from, such as changes in mood, hunger, sensitivity, swelling, and more. 

The main features of the PMS are:

Sensitivity and nervousness

Swelling and weight gain

Sensitivity in the chest area


Sleep disorders

Changes in blood sugar levels



Loss of sexual desire

Anxiety and mood swings


Women suffering from PMS symptoms are constantly looking for a suitable solution to deal with hormonal changes that occur within our bodies.

Most of the solutions available today treat the symptoms of PMS rather than the root of the problem.


On the other hand, we are happy to inform you of a natural therapeutic way to soothe and even prevent the symptoms of PMS so that you will be able to continue to plan and enjoy everyday life without the interference that PMS can cause.


Although it is true that estrogen and progesterone are essential to explain the phenomenon of PMS, it is important to note that other hormones also play a central role in the mechanism of PMS.


In principle, our hormonal system is in the brain. Both hypothalamus and pituitary glands are constantly working in harmony together. Both glands send pulses to the rest of the body to announce the release of hormones such as progesterone, estrogen, adrenal glands called cortisol, insulin, etc. It is therefore easy to understand that when the hormonal system is not balanced, there are changes in the factors that make up the hormonal cycle. In this case the important hormones are actually cortisol, adrenalin and insulinn.


High levels of stress can lead to an increase in cortisol and as a result have an effect on the production of progesterone or insulin, which is what causes the PMS phenomenon.


The cornerstones that cause PMS to appear:

The estrogen-progesterone ratio is high

Incorrect response of neurotransmitters in the brain

Disturbance in sodium metabolism, which causes accumulation of water and feeling of swelling on the one hand and on the other it is one of the mechanisms for the formation of pressure.

Pressure, resulting from an increase in levels of cortisol.

Disturbance in carbohydrate metabolism.

Poor nutrition


While conventional medicine tries only to deal with symptoms of the phenomenon alone; When it comes to the natural way to treat this phenomenon, in our opinion, the use of plants, vitamins and minerals is the right way to bring the body to the right balance, thus eliminating the symptoms.


We at Homotreat Lab have been able to bring together a combination of three plants that nature has given us in order to bring about a successful implementation of everything that is said here. The "PMS" product is the ultimate solution in our opinion that is able to provide a good and effective response to any woman who suffers from PMS.

2 Pack Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) Supplement | 40 Capsules

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