Good sleep is necessary for our health. Bad sleep might cause illness, it is lowering our immune system strength and makes us nervous.

There are many sleeping pills, based on chemicals that are not good for our health. 


If you have difficulty falling asleep or insomnia, this is the recommended natural solution for you


We are proud to represent one of the proven, natural, best relaxing and natural kosher sleeping supplement (Tincture) - "Good Night"


Please note that the "Good Night" Tincture will affect your sleep within a couple of days. You should take it on a daily basis - Your sleep will get better and better within a few days.



    20 minutes before a meal, mix 10-20 drops in a glass of water and drink – twice a day.


    This tincture is 100% natural, made with the best & proven extracts:


    • Mellisa
    • Oran