Constipation is an irregularity or dysfunction of the intestines. Constipation is defined when bowel activity is less than 3 times a week. Usually the faeces are difficult and difficult to pass through the intestines.

This can cause pain due to lack of bowel movement even after an effort or pressure of more than ten minutes.

The prevailing view is that bowel activity differs from person to person. Sometimes even without a day out, healthy people can still have soft, even fluid, exits. And sometimes others will have solid feces but no problem in passing them in the intestines. On the other hand, when there is a lack of bowel movement or there is a great effort to pass the stool, then the diagnosis is constipation.

Transfusion of a wide, hard stool in the intestines can cause rupture or crack in the anus also in children. This can lead to figure and cause bleeding.


Common causes of constipation:

Low dietary fiber diet

Lack of exercise

Insufficient water consumption

Refusal to walk to the bathroom when you feel the need for exits

Mental stress and travel or other dietary changes


Other causes of constipation may include colorectal cancer, intestinal diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, mental health disorders, nervous system disorders, pregnancy, hypothyroidism, and certain medications.

In children, the cause of constipation can be constipation and intestinal cessation when used to or still afraid to go to the bathroom.

The combination of these plants influences the action of the peristaltic (bowel motility) in a gentle way, causing an increase in the content of water and moisture in the intestinal walls, which is most necessary for normal exits.


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  • Aloe ferrox
    Iris domestica
    Commiphora myrrha
    Ziziphus Jujuba