Curcumin is the main ingredient in the curcumin plant
Whose therapeutic efficacy has been proven in use
Folk Natural Medicine and Clinical Studies
Many assist in inflammatory conditions through its activity
The antioxidant.
The ingredients combined in this unique Bio-Protective Curcum formula helps in empowerment
the positive effects of curcumin.

The turmeric plant (longa Curcuma) was used for medical purposes, as food, and as a spice for thousands of years. It is widely used in Indian Ayurveda and traditional Chinese Medicine.

In recent years has aroused the effects of turmeric due to its ingredient, curcumin, as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and even anti-cancer, of great interest in the Western world, following extensive medical studies written on its effects.

In addition, its effect on the body is manifested in many areas such as antiviral and antibacterial activity, Protection of the digestive system, liver system, the cardiac and the nerve system, and the effect on the immune system.
Sometimes when an inflammatory process appears in our body, one of the common problems is the development of infectious due to the presence of bacteria in our body.
Many bacteria are resistant to antibiotics due to their formation with a protective layer similar to the placenta (BIOFILM).
This unique formula of Protective Bio-Curcum incorporates dill seeds, ANETHUM, which helps to remove a protective layer of the bacteria thus helping in the prevention of their spread in our body.


Each package contains:
3 Bottle