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An anal fissure refers to a cut in the skin surrounding the anus that resembles a crack in shape.

It can lead to significant discomfort and, at times, unbearable agony.

Early intervention is crucial in addressing a fissure, as prompt treatment can alleviate unnecessary distress.

A natural approach to treating fissures involves the use of MUST cream along with Rambam soap.

This treatment method offers the benefits of avoiding surgery and associated suffering, while also being devoid of any adverse effects.


Kit Contents:

  • MUST cream, for the treatment of fissures and severe skin problems.
  • Rambam soap - handmade


The treatment has proven itself on thousands of patients who have dubbed it the "Miracle Cream" and consistently keep it on hand as an essential product at home.


MUST cream

The miraculous cream for treating fissures - "MUST": The ingredients in the cream have anti-inflammatory properties, a