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FLU-KAL is a unique herbal formula that strengthens the immune system and acts as an anti-viral mixture.

FLU-KAL can be used as both prophylactic and acute when you are already suffering from the disease.

It is suitable for ages 6 months or more.

Flu-Kal can be used for situations where a stronger immune system intervention is needed.

Instructions and duration of treatment

In acute condition - 5 drops every half hour until the condition is improved

As prevention - 8 drops twice a day

Each Bottle: 30ml
Recommended bundle deal combination: Muco Protector + Flu-Kal (At the following link

Flu Treatment | FLU KAL | Kosher Supplement

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    Eucalyptus, Eauptorium, Commifora, Water, Alcohol, Myra