We at Homotreat, developed a unique MANNITOL powder, which contains, not only the natural sweetener from the tinnitus, which causes a decrease in the production of the alpha-synuclein protein but also the MUCUNA plant, which supports the increase in the amount of dopamine essential to healthy brain function.

This Mannitol unique formula can help alleviate the symptoms of this cunning disease.​

Mannitol has a variety of uses and it is also used to reduce elevated pressure in the brain (Central oedema) and in the eyes. Mannitol is a common low-calorie sweetener approved by the FDA and EFSA.

Natural Treatment for Parkinson's | Mannitol | Kosher

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  • Our Unique MANNITOL powder Formula Includes also MUCUNA
    In a special pet jar, preventing any radiation and moisture

    Net Wt: 300g (10.6 oz)

  • One teaspoon twice a day 

    Size and shape

    300 grams in a high-quality pet jar that protects against radiation and moisture

    Including a measuring spoon


    No food coloring

    Keep in a cool, dry place

    The Mannitol does not contain sugar, gluten, yeast, wheat products, dairy products, lactose, eggs and soy