Relief Bronchitis, Chronic sinusitis, Pneumonia, and Phlegm with this MUCO PROTECTOR!
A unique product based on the enzyme Serrapeptase- a proteolytic enzyme which can effectively dissolve dead tissue, dissolve excess phlegm, remove various contaminants, intervene in inflammatory processes at various stages and even reduce pain.


Serrapeptase has the ability to alter the elasticity and viscosity of the mucus without harming its proper functioning in the respiratory system.


In the study of patients with chronic bronchitis, Serrapeptase therapy appears to have improved the ability to release phlegm and oocytes and reduce the frequency of coughs.

Serrapeptase has the effect of reducing the viscosity of mucus to a level that can be removed more efficiently.


Clinical studies show that the enzyme Serrapeptase stimulates fibrillation activity,

Anti-inflammatory activity also helps prevent edema in various tissues.

Its anti-inflammatory effect appears to be stronger and more effective than other proteolytic enzymes.

In addition to its activity in the breakdown of proteins and the reduction of inflammatory processes in the body, it has been found to have a strong anti-pain effect due to its ability to prevent the release of compounds which cause pain from inflammatory tissue.


The MUCO-Protector also contains the Apium Graveolens (aromatic herbaceous) plant,

Which has an anti-inflammatory effect, prevents cramps and muscle spasms, calms the nervous system and thus helps to breathe easier, it moves and motivates and helps remove mucus and debris.


Within the MUCO-Protector there is also the extraction of the Poria Cocos, which is one of the most popular herbs in traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

Studies from recent years have shown that the Poria Cocos mushroom has several pharmacological activities.

It has been shown to strengthen the immune system, help remove phlegm, improves waste disposal (through the kidneys and through the digestive tract), helps to balance blood glucose levels, Calms and improves mental functions. 

In addition, an effect was observed to inhibit and prevent cancerous processes due to the presence of compounds with a unique polysaccharide structure.

MUCO PROTECTOR | Bronchitis Natural treatment & Chronic sinusitisTreatment

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    • Carica Papaya
    • Apium Graveolens
    • Anethum graveolens
    • Wolfiporia Extensa