Whether you have ADHD yourself, or your kids are suffering from ADHD,

You'de better stop give yourself, or your kids, any chemicals and artificial medicine.


This Tincture is a proven formula used as an ADHD alternative natural treatment.


This tincture is 100% natural, made with the best & proven extracts:

  • Melissa
  • Orange Blossom 



Mix 10-20* drops with a glass of water, and drink it twice a day (20 minutes before a meal).

10 drops for kids, 20 drops for adults.


Recommendations for better use:

Store in a cool place. Keep away from children. Please consult a physician if pregnant, breast-feeding, taking prescribed medication, or children.



Made In Israel

Contains 50 ml

ADHD Natural Treatment | Focus Mind | 50 ml | Kosher

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