Gel Peeling is the best way for Facial Skin Renewal, Nourishing treatment, Facial Caring and also Pampering.

A unique peeling gel formula which selectively removes dead and dry cells from your face, neck and neckline.

By treating your face with this magnificent peeling gel, you will renew your facial skin for a younger look, soft and smooth skin, reducong facial wrinkles. 


Gel Peeling is Scratch-free!


The gel does not remove new, healthy cells that are essential to the skin, nor does the gel cause tiny scratches on the skin, does not irritate the skin and does not damage the skin's lipid layer and moisturize it, unlike all existing products.

The Peeling gel in its composition, operation and results is completely different from all the peels, creams or gels for peeling.

Apply a small amount on clean skin and wait about 20 seconds.

Make rotary movements with little pressure (rubbing). After about 10-12 rotational movements, during which the selective exfoliation takes place, small dots of dry, dead skin selectively attacked. The movement should now be stopped and rinsed with water or face toner. The skin remains clean, soft, velvety, smooth and radiates freshness and health.

After treatment, apply face cream.

Best for evening treatment, avoiding immediate sun exposure.


Containing 60 ml

Peeling Gel | Facial Cleansing Gel | Aroma Dead Sea Minerals | 60 ml

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