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The Cellular Enzyme That Promotes Longevity and Reduces Fat Storage

The Best Natural Fat Burner
For Men and Women

Only 3 Capsules a day

About AMPK Plus
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AMPK Plus is The Best Fat- Burning Natural Supplement

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The science of bioenergetics is producing paradigm-shifting discoveries, including the role of AMPK in regulating the ways our bodies use and transform energy.

  • AMPK is the “switch” that is the link between metabolic disease, inflammation, and longevity. This “switch” tells our cells when to store and generate energy-containing molecules such as fat, and when to “hunker down” and use existing energy stores.

  • When switched “on,” AMPK triggers the use of stored energy from fats, enhances the removal of fats and sugar from the blood, increases the production of mitochondria, and reduces inflammation and cellular “junk.”

  • Calorie restriction and vigorous exercise activate AMPK, shrinking body fat stores (especially in the belly region), lowering blood sugar and lipid levels, and producing other beneficial effects that retard the aging process.

  • Metformin, a medication for diabetics, also activates AMPK, with similar body-wide results.

  • A pair of natural botanical extracts have now been found to activate AMPK, reducing belly fat, cholesterol, blood sugar, and insulin levels.

  • Instead of combating longevity threats using multiple drugs, supplementation with AMPKactivating botanicals can address these problems at its source.

  • Age-induced risk factors can be tackled efficiently by boosting AMPK activity with Gynostemma-pentaphyllum and trans-Tiliroside from rose hips.

Due to its unique formula,
AMPK Plus is also called
"The Master Metabolic Regulator"

The Only One That Combines 3 Proven "AMPK" Natural Ingredients

  • Each Bottle contains 90 veggie caps.

  • Recommended use: One capsule, three times a day



100% Natural Fat Burner

Combines 3 powerful ingredients

Works all over the Body

Generates Energy

lowers blood sugar levels

Increases Metabolism

Reduces Fat Storage

Contains Proven Ingredients

Increases production of mitochondria

Retards Aging

Inhibits Protein Production

Boosts Energy

Reduce belly fat

lowers blood sugar levels

Reduce Cholesterol


People Like You

Dana review about AMPK Plus

Dana Morel WA, USA

"My husband and I have been using AMPK Plus for several weeks, and we are very satisfied.
We are not young, I am 67, and my husband is 72, so our metabolic system is slow, but every time we take a capsule, there is a pleasant feeling of an internal engine that activates the metabolic system. We are both more active today than we were just two months ago, the weight is dropping faster than usual, the energy level is increasing, and we really like this product, and recommend it to all our friends."

Charles Ehrlich AMPK review

"I have used three bottles of AMPK Plus so far, and the results are very impressive.
Although I do some sports, and try to maintain a healthy diet, but since I started using the product I have lost weight, waist circumference and almost two pants sizes.
I don't feel hungry at all, and I feel really much better.
I intend to continue using the product for a long time."

Charles Ehrlich CANADA

AMPK Plus review by Jonathan Felch

"For years, I have been trying to do different diets to lose weight. Most of the time, I also succeed, but it takes me a lot of time, and somehow, in the end, I return to my previous weight.
This AMPK helped me lose weight faster, and feel much better. I really hope that this time I will not increase my weight again. However, even if I gain weight, now at least I know there is a simple way to lose weight again.
So far so good"

Jonathan Felch USA

Fast shipping, great service support.
I bought their natural blood thinner, the CRV Protector, and it is great - Also as blood thinner, and also as a blood clots treatment. It melt them in no time.
I recommend this website and this product as well.
Dorota Barak, USA

Jannet review - AMPK Plus

"It's hard to explain the wonderful feeling when I stand on the scale every day and see how my weight is slowly decreasing. After each bottle, my body is much lighter, I lost 22 pounds in 2 months just by taking these pills (although I also try to avoid sugary drinks and high-sugar foods). I also try to minimize meals after 06:30 in the evening. Trust me, you can do it too because I weighed 154 pounds but now I'm approaching 132 and my belly fat is also going down. I wanted a fat-burning supplement that didn't have caffeine or guarana in it so AMPK Plus Metabolic Activator is fantastic for me. This is a high-quality, natural product, and I use it as part of my regular nutrition plan. I highly recommend it"

Jannet Cale OH, USA

AMPK review - David S

David sherlivkov CA, USA

"I encountered a weight issue for the first time due to experiencing significant stress and negativity in my life. Despite trying approaches that initially showed promise, such as altering my diet and engaging in exercise, these methods ultimately proved ineffective. Eventually, I turned to consuming green smoothies made with bananas, and berries each morning using a blender, while adhering to a clean diet without calorie counting. Although I continued to be overweight for a year, I could not identify any apparent reason for this. However, I did not encounter any health issues and surprisingly saw positive results with this AMPK Plus that I began taking. I believe I observed results on the first day, though this could be attributed to my avoidance of foods that promote weight gain. I incorporate the AMPK Plus into my routine. As a result, I have noticed a visible decrease in the size of my waist and hope to regain my normal appearance within a short time. While not every approach works for everyone, I recommend trying this supplement to find out if it works for you as well. It would be nice to have a more defined waistline again, and according to the results until now, it works well for me."

AMPK Plus - Jessica review

Jessica A.

"First of all, I want to thank you for the fast delivery - the product arrived quickly. You answer my questions quickly, professionally, and politely, and I have only good words for the excellent service.
Regarding the AMPK Plus product, I have been using it for several weeks now, and I must mention the relief I felt immediately after I started using it. The bloating, and the fatigue, all disappeared within a few days, and this is already great and encouraging to continue using the product.
I have a lot of experience with different diets, but with your product, the weight loss started very quickly. For me, your product is perfect because I don't feel hungry, I don't feel tired, on the contrary, I feel more energetic, lighter, more active and in general feel more vital. If diets in the past made me feel bad, I don't have that feeling now.
An excellent, effective, and recommended product.
Well done!"