The CRV is:

  • A Natural Blood Thinner
  • Dissolve and Prevent Blood Clots, Naturally
  • Remove vessels Plaque, Naturally
  • Improve Blood Circulation, Naturally
  • Cleaning Blood Vessels, Naturally
  • Preventing Blood Vessels blockade

CRV's treatment goals are numerous. Because of the enzymatic activity of CRV, the product can melt any protein layer and open blockages that appear on the wall of the blood vessels, (While most often, doctors will recommend an invasive treatment with side effects, such as cysts and stents).
CRV is also used to treat phlegm, especially when suffering from sinusitis, thus avoiding the use of antibiotics.
CRV is also used as a natural alternative to blood thinners, such as aspirin,
especially for those who are sensitive to aspirin.

CRV cleans the plaques, also among patients who have had stents installed, as the stents provide fertile ground for the formation of additional plaques.
Plaque cleansing is done by the enzyme serrapeptase which is a part of the papaya extract, within the CRV Supplement.

The mechanism in the CRV formula allows both the cleaning of the plaques, the cleaning of the accumulation of other precipitates, and the bacterial activity created as a result.

2x CRV Protector | preventing blockade and narrowing of blood vessels

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