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Hemorrhoid (piles) Treatment Cream

This well-known and unique cream for treating and healing hemorrhoids combines natural extracts and the Dead Sea minerals.
The cream is easy to use, and its results are fast and extremely effective.
The cream is especially recommended for people who suffer from hemorrhoids.

The ointment for hemorrhoids contains all the essential oils that disinfect, soothe and shrink the hemorrhoids.

The main components of Pils Cream hemorrhoid cream:

Calendula – relaxes, regenerates tissues, disinfects.

Rosemary - anti-inflammatory, rich in vitamin E. Very strong antioxidant

Jojoba oil - rich in vitamin E + A, anti-bacterial. Helps restore and renew the skin.

Wheat germ oil - extracted from wheat germ. Rich in vitamin E prevents oxidation and soothes.

Lavender - also known as the king of oils. Disinfects, eliminates bacteria and viruses. Antifungal. Prevents infections and restores the skin

Lemon oil – antibacterial. constricted. antiseptic. and cell regeneration.

Tea tree oil - nature's number one disinfectant. Anti-inflammatory and antifungal

Apropolis - nature's antibiotic. Rich in essential minerals: zinc, calcium and iron

Shea butter - produced from the nut of the shea tree. Rich in vitamin E + A

What are hemorrhoids and what are they caused by?
Hemorrhoids are actually swollen veins in the anus.
There are internal hemorrhoids (they are not painful and the cream is not meant to treat them, but they do sometimes cause bleeding),
The external hemorrhoids, on the other hand, are the ones that are noticeable, painful, and our cream treats them perfectly.


What are the causes of hemorrhoids?
Increased blood flow and pressure on the rectal area usually lead to the appearance of hemorrhoids.
Along the way, we encounter the phenomenon as a result of various conditions like being overweight, constipation (constipation causes overexertion and pressure on the rectal area), and pregnancy.


Our diet also plays a key role in causing hemorrhoids and helping to prevent them.
The type of food we eat directly affects bowel movements and the frequency of bowel movements and accordingly allows or prevents the development of hemorrhoids and other problems.


How do we know we have hemorrhoids?
Several symptoms may indicate hemorrhoids:

  • The appearance of fresh blood on the toilet paper or in the toilet after defecation
  • Sensitivity or pain during Fecal discharge
  • A lump or painful swelling around the anus
  • Mucosal secretions from the anus
  • Itching and discomfort


What are the health risks of hemorrhoids?

  • Bleeding hemorrhoids can cause anemia - slow chronic bleeding
  • infection
  • Prolapse - The prolapse of the internal hemorrhoids out of the anus - this phenomenon causes a lot of suffering and pain


How to get rid of hemorrhoids naturally?
We highly recommend Pils Cream for a quic