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Impotence problems? No chemicals pills required.

The "Men Plus" is a tincture! Within 3-4 days of use, you will feel the difference, and so does your partner.

It is a 100% Natural solution, Kosher, GMP certified, and approved by the Israeli ministry of health.



20 minutes before a meal, mix 10-20 drops in a glass of water and drink – twice a day.


This tincture is 100% natural, made with the best & proven extracts:


  • Ginseng Siberian
  • Ginseng Panax
  • Capsicum
  • Cola vera



Store in a cool place. Keep away from children.

Not recommended to people who are sensitive to Alcohol


Made In Israel

Contains 50 ml

Not recommended for people who suffer from high blood pressure.

Erectile Dysfunction Natural Treatment | Men Plus | Aromatherapy Tincture

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