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For Parkinson's

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Mannitol can be a Natural Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease and may relieve Parkinson's symptoms!

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Do you take more and more medications in an attempt to manage the condition? 

Well, here's a crucial information you should know:

Medication Doesn't treat the cause of Parkinson's, It only treats the symptoms!

The Cause: Protein called Alpha-Synuclein.

This protein is abundant in the human brain and gradually destroys the brain cells that produce the primary chemical molecule that sends signals to other parts of the brain for the control of movement, coordination and some form of thought.

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New research has found a solution to this alpha-synuclein clumps!
The research identified a molecule

that can prevent and reduce
alpha-synuclein aggregates.

This molecule is the Mannitol! 
It is actually a natural treatment
for Parkinson's. Studies have shown that mannitol is able to reduce the formation of these lumps by about 70% percent.

Read about our Unique Mannitol formula:
Homeotreat developed a unique MANNITOL powder, containing, not only the natural sweetener (Made from vegetables such as onions, pumpkin, seaweed, mushrooms and more), which causes a decrease in the production of the alpha-synuclein protein but also the MUCUNA plant, which supports the increase in the amount of essential ingredients to healthy brain function.

This Mannitol unique formula can help alleviate the symptoms of this cunning disease.

Mannitol has a variety of uses and it is also used to reduce elevated pressure in the brain (Central oedema) and in the eyes. Mannitol is a common low-calorie sweetener approved by the FDA and EFSA.


Mannitol Powder