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For Parkinson's

Disclaimer: individual results may vary

Only 1 teaspoon twice a day,

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Mannitol can be a Natural Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease and may relieve Parkinson's symptoms!

Do you take more and more medications in an attempt to manage the condition? 

Well, here's a crucial information you should know:

Medication Doesn't treat the cause of Parkinson's, It only treats the symptoms!

The Cause: Protein called Alpha-Synuclein.

This protein is abundant in the human brain and gradually destroys the brain cells that produce the primary chemical molecule that sends signals to other parts of the brain for the control of movement, coordination and some form of thought.

New research has found a solution to this alpha-synuclein clumps!
The research identified a molecule

that can prevent and reduce

alpha-synuclein aggregates.

The molecule is Mannitol! 

This can help natural treatment

for parkinson's.

Read about our Unique Mannitol formula:
Homeotreat developed a unique MANNITOL powder, containing, not only the natural sweetener (Made from vegetables such as onions, pumpkin, seaweed, mushrooms and more), which causes a decrease in the production of the alpha-synuclein protein but also the MUCUNA plant, which supports the increase in the amount of essential ingredients to healthy brain function.

This Mannitol unique formula can help alleviate the symptoms of this cunning disease.

Mannitol has a variety of uses and it is also used to reduce elevated pressure in the brain (Central oedema) and in the eyes. Mannitol is a common low-calorie sweetener approved by the FDA and EFSA.

Mannitol Powder

With Mucuna

Natural Effective Treatment

No side effects

Safe, Tested & Proven

Relieve Symptoms


People Like You

Tania D. Barrie, CA

"I'm taking one teaspoon a day for the last 3 months and I getting better every day, although it is a slow improvement. I got my voice back,  can speak loud and clear, There was a radical improvement in the quality of my sleep, and I can now use less medication and less Mannitol"

Josh B. Jerusalem, Israel

"Listen, this Mannitol powder saved my life. Before using it, I used costly medications which had side effects and I was really depressed, After using your Mannitol treatment I feel that I want to leave again. My leg pain leg ceased, I got back my smell sense, I could sleep well, and I could finally use fewer medications "

Danny S. FL, USA

"The medications did not help me, but your natural product saved me! I call it "natural cure for parkinson's disease". I feel much better, and I can surely say that this is the best treatment for Parkinson's.


Robert K. PA, USA

"I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and struggled with severe pain in my extremities. I have been on Top Probiotics’s Mannitol product for approximately three months and my pain is largely gone! It appears to me my pain relief is from this product! It has made a major difference in the quality of my life! ALL FOR THE BETTER!!!"


Our Unique MANNITOL powder Formula Includes also MUCUNA
In a special pet jar, preventing any radiation and moisture

Net Wt: 300g (10.6 oz)

Change your everyday life guaranteed

Mannitol Best Treatment

Mannitol can change your everyday life guaranteed.
We, at Homeotreat have been Mixing the Knowledge for 20 years and passing it to thousands of practitioners worldwide.



While medications do not have the ability to penetrate the blood barrier, the researchers recommend using mannitol in conjunction with other approved medications because of the proven ability of mannitol to penetrate the barrier and to allowing for the passageway of beneficial compounds from the proven drugs for effective treatment of Parkinson's disease.

Many people have already experienced improvements in their symptoms by using Mannitol.  

300 gr.


600 gr.


900 gr.



How long does it take to see the effect of Mannitol?

Usually the effect will be felt within one to three months, depending on the duration of the disease and the patient's body structure.

Does Mannitol cause any side effects?

Mannitol has no side effects at all.

Does Mannitol prevent the use of any other medications by the patient?

There is no conflict with any other medication that the patient uses concurrently with mannitol.

Does the use of Mannitol raise sugar values? Can a diabetic patient use mannitol?

Manitol is a type of sugar-free sweetener and therefore does not increase the sugar levels.

Does heat destroy the effectiveness of Mannitol?

Not at all! You can use Mannitol in tea or coffee or any other hot drink.

About US

Mannitol is manufactured by Homeotreat (Since 1997) - An Israeli company specialized in developing natural & effective products that provide a wide range of natural solutions to improve the quality of life. Both research and development, as well as production and packaging, are made by Homeotreat, in Israel.

The company places great emphasis on the quality of the products and their development processes. These processes are of great importance and therefore many resources are invested in thorough research and the quality of the raw materials.
The manufacturing and packaging processes are carried out under the GMP & ISO certification and upon the supervision of the Israeli Ministry of Health.

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Disclaimer: individual results may vary