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Heart attack and strokes

How to avoid heart atack and stroke
Take care of your heart naturally

Most heart attacks and strokes occur in the early morning hours. Regarding these situations, the doctors do not bother to explain, inform and direct the patients on how these cases can be avoided.

In principle, the digestion time of fatty food in the stomach is about 8 hours. When someone consumes fatty food as their dinner at night, towards morning fat cells flood their bloodstream, and therefore blood viscosity increases.

In addition, the early morning hours are considered the coolest hours of the day. Usually, during these hours, the person is still asleep, so his blood pressure and heart rate are at rest. The legs, which are the farthest point in the body from the heart, are in a horizontal line with the heart. The feet, by nature, are the coldest part of the body and are usually outside the blanket while sleeping. In the case of an increase in the level of fat in the blood and an increase in its viscosity, they serve as catalysts for the formation of blood clots in the legs.

How to avoid heart atack and stroke
How to avoid heart atack and stroke

As soon as the person gets up from sleep in order to start his normal daily activity, this raises the pulse and the blood pressure, as a result the blood clots begin to move from the foot upwards and thus, later on, the blood clot can reach the heart and even the brain, causing blood vessel blockage. This will result in a stroke or heart attack.

In some cases this causes death - the result depends on the severity of the condition so that sometimes you may get partial paralysis of the body.

If the clot enters the liver, the liver can restore the damage caused. if the clot enters the kidneys, they will continue to work without us noticing, but if the clot gets stuck in the legs, it will cause varicose veins.

When the clot enters the heart a heart attack will occur.

Heart attack preventive measure
Heart attack preventive measure

Preventive measures.

1. From the age of 40 onwards it is better to avoid consuming fatty food, especially at night.

2. After eating, drink some vinegar or lemon juice.

3. Drink water before you go to sleep.

4. Keep your feet warm while sleeping, especially in winter.

Treatment methods:

Medicine usually has nothing to offer to those who have already suffered a heart attack or stroke. As a natural treatment, in some western countries, the substance secreted by the leeches is used in the form of injections. And in some countries where it is still allowed, leeches are used directly in the first hours of the event. The problem is that the best methods of treatment are not available everywhere and exactly at the desired time.

Natural Blood Thinner | CRV Protector
Natural Blood Thinner | CRV Protector

CRV Protector was developed to provide the same efficiency, easily, wherever, and whenever desired. The advantage of this product is its use as a heart attack prevention, especially for those who are prone to heart attacks or strokes such as people who consume too much salt, and those who have blocked arteries and veins due to plaques on the walls of blood vessels. CRV Protector also prevents and helps those who have a higher than normal blood viscosity, those who have too cold feet, people who suffer from high blood pressure, and of course people who have a history of heart attacks in the family, and older people.

CRV Protector is also highly effective for dissolving existing blood clots, within a short time.

And not least, CRV Protector is completely natural.

Best wishes for health to you and your family


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